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LLC N. Bomja bakery “Lielezers” is a sole proprietor enterprise which was founded in the 5th june, 1991 in Limbazi.

The bakery offers all kinds of rye bread, wheat bread and bakery products.

Whole production process has been led by experienced master craftsman: Lāsma Bome and Aelita Teriņa. Excellent helpers for masters are baker’s journeyman.




It takes 36 hours, from parboiled flour to fully baked loaf while baking classical rye bread. It is long enough that bread baking means much more for us than just a bread production. Each and every loaf of rye bread and sweet and sour bread is unique, because it is divided and made by hand. Even the wheat bread and bakery goods obtain its form due to handmade process.

Masters Albert Blumberg’s baking secrets and recipes are in the basis of our excellent bread. The proportions of ingredients, natural fermentation and careful work are only few of them. Making bread with parboiled flour is labour-consuming and complicated process, nevertheless the unique taste of the bread is worth the effort.

In the respect of traditions and people around us, we are choosing ingredients from local market. For our mills we are buying rye grain from Vidzemes farmers and necessary wheat grain comes from Zemgales plains.

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